Len Koebel Flooring

Where every step counts

When Glen Soehner recently asked a client how she chose Len Koebel Flooring for her treasured home, he was pleasantly surprised by the answer. “She explained how particular she is and mentioned her high expectations,” Glen smiles, “and that she always seeks opinions from friends before beginning any project. Imagine how I felt to hear that every one of her sources suggested she go to Koebel Flooring. That’s the real measure of work well done.”
Glen claims client trust comes from longevity. He’s been learning and applying his skills here for 22 years. He began as an apprentice with his brotherin- law Len Koebel who started the company in 1974. Len began with an old truck and a small warehouse on Arnold St. and worked hard to provide the best possible service. It was a good training ground for Glen who took over when Len retired. Having seen the precise quality of his work I know Glen’s reputation has been well earned through superb craftsmanship. His high rate of repeat business and introductions to new clients through word of mouth comes from his attention to detail and taking the time to understand his clients’ needs. Glen listens first, and then recommends the flooring that suits the home and the people who love it. Whether it’s high-end Ipe Walnut , Andiroba Mahogany, Cumaru Teak, Jatoba Cherry, Muiracatiara Tigerwood or a more modest Canadian Oak, the flooring ends up being a durable feature that feels just right and always draws praise from all who encounter it.
Such praise is returned to our community through Glen’s careful selection of local causes to support like the Firefighters, MS Society, Paralympics, and the Cancer Society.

One of the favourite projects of the Koebel team can be seen at the Waterloo Region Museum. Being a LEEDS approved development with strict environmental standards, the challenge was to source and install a strong, attractive feature floor in the mezzanine and gift shop that exceeded those requirements. When you walk through that beautiful space you’ll be thinking of the birch logs that were reclaimed from the bottom of the Ottawa River and milled in Cambridge to be finished into thick planks and proudly installed by Glen and his team. A perfect fit for this space of history. It’s this kind of unique project that speaks to the scope of knowledge and experience at Koebel.
Glen is often called on to restore an original floor in one of the grand old local homes. It’s not unusual for him to encounter a challenge that calls for extensive refitting and refinishing to bring a room or foyer back to its former elegance. Research becomes an essential first step since many clients wish to retain the authentic aspect of their home. Whether it’s the simple beauty of a long, unbroken expanse or the complexity of a patterned border inlay, the final test of quality must stand up to the scrutiny of many.

Projects like reviving the old maple floors at Alexandra School, repairing and refinishing the solid pine floors in the Waterloo Hotel, or installing fresh designs in many of the condos at the 25 year old Chippendale Commons have firmly established Len Koebel Flooring as the top choice for any flooring challenge.
“The most rewarding aspect for me is seeing the results of our work,” Glen admits. “I pretend I’m a stranger walking in for the first time. Does it impress without taking over? Does it add value to this home or business? Have we accomplished our mission?”
Client feedback indicates a solid ‘yes’ for the Koebel team.

Len Koebel Flooring- Hardwood Flooring in Kitchener Waterloo since 1974.